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Albergo Gelsomino Hotel in Kos
Albergo Gelsomino Hotel in Kos

Project: Albergo Gelsomino Hotel in Kos
Architect: Mastrominas Architecture
Interior Designer: Dimitris Papanastasiou
Photographs: Christos Drazos

Albergo Gelsomino, which was built in 1928, is one of the most iconic landmarks in Kos. It has now been restored and returned to its incomparable beauty.

The hotel is located on the beach and offers unobstructed views of the Aegean Sea and Kos town.

The main principle in the facade lighting design is to provide multiple “layers of lighting” to highlight the building’s shape. The lighting emphases the windows, the arches on the ground floor, the balconies and the “crown” of the building.

The windows and the arches were lit with discreetly sized luminaires with fan-shaped beams (uniform emission of 180 degree lighting beam) which highlight the surfaces we want to focus on precisely and beautifully.