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Our Philosophy

Duality architectural lighting was founded in Athens in 2018 with staff who have over 15 years of experience in lighting projects. Our team consists of architects, engineers and designers with experience in a wide range of different kinds of projects.

Our lighting design solutions are always guided by the need to meet the aesthetic requirements for each project by energy efficiency and user safety. We always work within the limits of the desired budget and schedule.

Our vision is to implement our motto “between natural and artificial” in a strategic working partnership with the company EVERGREEN, where natural and artificial light interact with each other.

Our goal is to meet our customers’ needs through innovative ideas & lighting applications working constantly with the design team (architects, engineers, manufacturers), in order to create a narrative where lighting is the link which brings the entire project together.

We Design

For us every project is unique and should be approached with care and passion. 

We feel it is vitally important to carefully understand each individual customer’s needs, goals and aspirations. 

Our work embodies the way in which light defines the spaces we use and narrates their uniqueness. 

Our goal is to meet each project’s unique requirements by providing innovative and creative lighting solutions that define how we perceive buildings, their structures and external environments, as well as the way in which we interact with them.

We propose appropriate lighting solutions that are based on the requirements of each individual project and which are in line with the project’s ambitions, budget and schedule. 

Together with the client and the architectural design team, we explore ideas through a range of design methods and tools so we can fully understand all aspects of the lighting solution. We deliver a complete application package which includes specifications, CAD drawings, detail drawings, photometrics, budget and 3d illustrations.

Where possible, on-site lighting demonstrations and tests are used to explain the rationale behind the design and to show how the lighting will be integrated into the overall design.

We Oversee

Our work is not over when we finish the design phase. On the contrary, we still have a lot of work to do and we always aim to stay in close contact with the project. The construction phase is an opportunity to turn our idea into reality, and our involvement and attention to detail continues during this phase.

We review construction plans, comment on alternatives, monitor the construction site carrying out checks and inspections and we answer questions from contractors, installers or architects on any problems that might arise in connection with coordination or installation. All this is a very important part of our work as it helps to ensure that the project is delivered smoothly, on time and within budget.  

Once the project is completed, it is vital that we check the lighting and put it into operation to ensure that all the lights are pointed correctly and that the control system is properly programmed.

Supply of Lighting Materials

We provide a complete range of work from the first stage of design to the final adjustment of the luminaires as well as the supply of them.  Also we design and manufacture custom-made luminaires to meet the needs of individual projects.

We are independent from all the manufacturers and our selection criteria for lighting equipment is based on achieving the required result, aesthetics and energy efficiency within the limits of the budget and schedule.

Our 15 years of experience in the field of architectural lighting and luminaire specifications as well as our daily interaction with manufacturing plants and suppliers, ensure end customers that the original lighting design and specifications are maintained, delivered and installed.

Custom Lighting Solutions

Our experience in lighting design means that we understand the language of light and are able to guide our customers towards unique solutions that are suitable for their project and which make their vision a reality.

We design and manufacture lighting fixtures to meet the specific needs and requirements of each project with an emphasis on detail and functionality.